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Annual Report 2021-2022

Annual Report
Business Regulation and Policy
This Progress Report reflects the progress on the activities of the ICR Facility achieved until August 2022, with a particular focus on the period 1 September 2021–31 August 2022. The ICR Facility is implemented through three Output Areas. In Output Area 1  Implementation of demand-based interventions was in full swing throughout the year. High numbers […]
Supporting Investment In Inclusive Business And Social Enterprises: Best Practice For Policymakers And Investors In ACP Countries Executive Summary Mobilising private capital to deliver social and environmental benefits in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries is vital if the Sustainable Development Goals are to be met. ‘Impact investment’, an approach to investing whereby positive social and/or […]
Across African, Caribbean, and Pacific (ACP) countries, businesses that have positive social impact in their primary mission are known by many names: inclusive business, social enterprise, social business, impact enterprise. While the concept of business for social good is not new, there is no consistent and formal definition for social enterprise across ACP countries. Thus, what […]
As momentum builds across African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries to enhance support for the social economy, this live event will explore some of the legal and policy approaches that are being developed to foster its growth. Featuring social economy experts, the event will draw on the lessons learned from two ICR Facility interventions in […]
In the face of mounting climate risks, entrepreneurs are coming up with solutions to accelerate transition to more climate resilient development, alongside investors putting more resources into climate finance. The climate risks are particularly acute for island nations in the Pacific and the Caribbean, where there’s also been a growth in entrepreneurial solutions that address […]
This event is part of a series of four events looking at Social Finance in ACP countries. This first event will highlight the many shapes and sizes of social enterprises and related organisational forms across ACP countries, and how these differences inform their financing needs. It seeks to draw out the nuances when discussing the […]
The webinar assesses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and how it is causing enormous economic challenges for SMEs in ACP countries. Where those businesses are driven to make a positive social and/or environmental impact, often delivering crucial services within our communities (e.g. health, education), the potential impact is both economic (e.g. putting jobs at […]
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