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Co-funded by the European Union


The ICR Facility supports organisations in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries to create better conditions for businesses to thrive and for women’s economic empowerment

Key facts about the ICR Facility


European Union (EU), the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS) under the 11th European Development Fund (EDF), together with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the British Council (22,750 M€)


Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), British Council (BC), Expertise France (EF), Stichting Nederlandse Ontwikkelingsorganisatie (Netherlands Development Organisation, SNV)


12.2019 – 08.2025

Our Mission

We all deserve equal opportunities to participate in the economy. We know that both women and men face challenges as entrepreneurs, employees and leaders. We work with you to remove these barriers and bring prosperity for all.

Investment Climate Reforms -
an important building block for sustainable development

The private sector is critical to the economic and social development of any country. Businesses create jobs, pay incomes, drive innovations – and thus open up new perspectives. However, there are challenges that can make it difficult for the private sector to operate – and even more to do so in a green and just way. Women in particular face obstacles as entrepreneurs, employees, and leaders.

For businesses to thrive and the economy to develop, both the private and the public sectors play an important role. The public sector is needed to create clear, transparent, fair and stable regulatory frameworks that work for both men and women. The private sector should use these frameworks to create decent and sustainable jobs.

This is why the ICR Facility supports public institutions in ACP countries to improve the policies, regulations, and services – including access to finance – so that they contribute to an enabling business environment. We also empower private sector organisations to actively engage in policy discussions and enhance efficiency become more active in policy discussions and contribute to a better business environment. A particular focus is on ensuring that these reforms and policies also reach and benefit women in the economy.

Upon request, we provide expertise to both private and public institutions. Our focus is to make sure that business environment reforms work for women as their full participation in the economy has been traditionally overlooked and has a huge potential impact on the economic and social development of ACP countries.

Who we support

Private Sector

We support the private sector (e.g. chambers of commerce, business associations, cooperatives, professional associations, private institutions with a public mandate, public private dialogue platforms, etc.) in ACP countries

Public Sector

We support the public sector (e.g. government agencies, regional organisations, EU Delegations, etc.) in ACP countries

Financial Institutions

We support local development finance institutions (DFIs) and financial services providers in ACP countries

How we support

We offer easy access to fully-funded expertise, in the form of trainings, advisory services, analyses, reports and research, to improve business environment, so that public and private stakeholders in ACP countries can overcome barriers and create better conditions for businesses to thrive and for women’s economic empowerment. We assist our partners with reforming policies, laws and regulations, in particular gender-sensitive reforms, that hinder entrepreneurship in ACP countries, and we help them design and implement the necessary changes.  

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