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Annual report 2020-2021

Annual report 2020-2021

This Annual Report reflects on the activities of the ICR Facility from 01 September 2020 to 31 August 2021. The ICR Facility is implemented through three Output Areas.


In Output Area 1

The Facility implements business environment and investment climate improvement initiatives. The report highlights the wide range of interventions on the national and regional level for beneficiaries in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries and regions, which the ICR Facility implemented in the reporting period. This includes specific examples for interventions the ICR Facility conducted with public and private, national, regional and multicountry partners.


In Output Area 2

The ICR Facility conducts capacity development for national and regional development financial institutions (DFIs) in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific, with tailor-made capacity building for 6 DFIs and trainings for a wider group of DFIs. The report contains information on the progress the Facility has made in implementing the individual work plans for capacity building with the respective DFIs, as well as our trainings and round-tables we offered on topics such as climate finance or credit risk management.


In Output Area 3

Lessons learnt and best practices from the support of the ICR Facility are compiled and shared. In the reporting period, the ICR Facility focussed on topics such as innovative finance, climate smart investment and women’s economic empowerment.

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