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Technical assistance for business environment and investment climate improvement

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If you are undertaking a business environment and investment climate improvement initiative and would like to receive technical assistance from the ICR Facility, kindly check your eligibility and apply.

Please read the following instructions before completing your submission.

Eligibility criteria​

  • The ICR Facility is open to applications from sub-regional,national or regional government entities, development finance institutions as well as public-private dialogue mechanisms.
  • Business associations, cooperatives, chambers of commerce, clusters and Organizations or networks of business support, formal networks of private sector stakeholders and other non-state networks engaged in improving the business environment are eligible as long as the support is connected to a dialogue process involving governmental entities.
  • Single private for-profit companies or actors that cannot prove a formal representation role of a larger group of private sector stakeholders are not eligible. 
  • Requests must come from an entity based in a member state of the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS)
  • Requests must be aimed at improving the business and investment climate in member states of the OACPS (regional multi-country initiatives as well as subnational initiatives are also welcome). 
  • Requests must be part of a wider medium/long term strategy, reform process, or PPD mechanism.
  • Requests must respond to targeted and specific needs under an ongoing initiative in an ACP country or region.
  • The proposed intervention can be implemented under a maximum of 90 expert days.

Frequently asked questions​

1. Is a private company or a think tank eligible for technical assistance?
2. Are development finance institutions eligible for on-demand technical assistance?
3. Can the ICR Facility support the same beneficiary more than once?
4. How many interventions per country can the ICR Facility support?
5. What kind of activities is the ICR Facility supporting?
6. Can the ICR Facility pay for staff time of my organisation or for equipment?
7. We want to develop an online platform such as website, app, database. Can the ICR Facility pay for that?
8. My organisation is planning an event. Can the ICR Facility sponsor the event?
9. Does the ICR Facility fund participation in events organised by third parties?
10. Does the ICR Facility offer financial support?
11. We have several ideas for technical assistance requests. Should we combine them in one request or send them separately?
12. I have difficulties to apply through the online form you are providing. Are there alternatives?
13. How long will it take for the intervention to start once approved?
14. We have already selected the experts to implement the intervention. Can the ICR Facility pay for them?
15. Who selects and manages the experts deployed by the ICR Facility?
16. What is the maximum duration of an intervention? And are all expert days deployed in one go?
17. Can the limit of 90 days of expert days be extended?
18. Will the delivery of technical expertise be virtual or on-site?