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Annual Report 2021-2022

Annual Report
Business Regulation and Policy
This Progress Report reflects the progress on the activities of the ICR Facility achieved until August 2022, with a particular focus on the period 1 September 2021–31 August 2022. The ICR Facility is implemented through three Output Areas. In Output Area 1 Implementation of demand-based interventions was in full swing throughout the year. High numbers of […]
Often, it is the countries that need private investment and economic growth the most that are also the most difficult to invest and do business in. Not only do businesses in these countries struggle to access markets and obtain the inputs they need to compete, but their governments are also challenged in their efforts to […]
Supporting Businesses To Deliver Climate Change Adaptation In Acp Countries: Priority Actions And The Role Of International Capital Executive Summary African, Caribbean, and Pacific countries are some of most vulnerable to climate change. Given pressures on public resources, the need is urgent to stimulate business activity, and thus private capital, into areas highly disrupted by climate change —food […]
Many ACP countries are highly vulnerable to climate change and yet face shortfalls in funding for adaptation. Engaging the private sector and mobilising its investment is therefore vital to deliver climate adaptation in these countries. ACP countries typically have weak investment climates, however, hindering the private sector from playing a role in climate adaptation and […]
The countries of Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP) have identified adaptation actions to be a priority in water and wastewater management, agriculture, forestry and land use, disaster risk management and coastal protection. The investment costs of adaptation are high, however. The commitment from developed countries to provide climate finance in ACP countries remains […]
Economic models adapted to national circumstances are an important tool for the assessment of expected impacts and policy options to mitigate these impacts. They need to be readily applicable and map the effects transparently. The webinar presents an approach how national Input-Output tables can be used for the realistic modelling of impacts on production and […]
Often, the countries that need private investment and economic growth the most are also the most difficult to invest and do business in. Not only do businesses in these countries struggle to access markets and obtain inputs, but their governments are also challenged to manage the business environment and economy. As a result, unemployment and […]
Ghana wants better and more sustainable jobs across the country and is ready to invest more than USD 13 million to that end. But the to-do list is long. If the strategy succeeds, thousands could be lifted from precarious employment.
The World Bank outlined how fiscal policies are an underused tool for aligning financial resources towards achieving the aims of the Paris Agreement. While we see numerous discussions about fossil fuel subsidies, carbon pricing and carbon revenues where are the discussions on using fiscal policy for climate change adaptation?

Business Council Devises Southern Africa Strategy

ICR Story
Resilience and Recovery
The Southern African Development Community (SADC) is a Regional Economic Community comprising 16 member states (WWW.SADC.INT). Established in 1992, SADC is committed to regional integration and poverty eradication within Southern Africa through economic development and ensuring peace and security. In 2019, SADC established a Business Council (SADC BC) with the following goal set out by the SADC Executive Secretary: […]
Entrepreneurs in the Caribbean and Pacific could help battle the ever more dramatic effects of climate change, but at the moment there is little of the right kind of finance available to help their businesses to take off. These were the findings of recent research presented at a live event run by the Investment Climate […]
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