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Travel isn’t always simple in central Africa – even between the 11 countries connected as part of the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS).   “Sometimes to travel to another country, you have to take a plane to another part of Africa – even to Europe – to come back to central Africa,” says […]
When more women participate in the economy, the whole society benefits. This is because, as indicated in a recent ICReport,  women’s economic empowerment leads to better businesses, better investments, better jobs and better family well-being. The ICR Facility, a project with the aim of improving the business environment in African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries […]
For Tricia Emberson, necessity was the mother of invention. Her family-owned Reload Bar and brewing business in Nuku’alofa, the capital of the Kingdom of Tonga, was reeling from the twin impacts of Covid-19 and the volcanic eruption and tsunami of January 2022. Her search for new sources of income led her to experiment with a […]

Inclusive Strategies: A Path to Sustainable Growth in Nigeria

ICR Story
Small and Medium Enterprises and Start-Ups
Kaduna State is leading the design and implementation of an innovative policy strategy that can contribute to the Nigeria Agenda 2050 objectives of reducing poverty and inequality and enabling a diversified private sector led economy. This policy will enable a conducive business environment to foster the development of Inclusive Business models. Inclusive Businesses (IBs) are […]
The ICR Facility is supporting its partners to lower legal and administrative barriers and increase access to finance for women-owned/led businesses. We are also mainstreaming an inclusive approach in industrial policies. Our new ICReport “How to make the Business Environment work for Women’s Economic Empowerment” builds on an earlier publication “Business Environment Reforms to support […]
We revisit two of our projects in Ghana and Ethiopia to see how our initial work carried out in 2021 has laid the foundations for positive outcomes and business reform. In 2019, Sheila Elorm Enni was suddenly laid off from her job as a finance budget analyst in Ghana, a situation that left her devastated. […]
In 2022, we published a blog post recounting a field study conducted in the Bugesera and Rulindo regions of Rwanda. Our ICR intervention aimed to interact with producers and stakeholders from fifteen agroforestry value chains to assess the business environment of these and gain insights to further develop them.   Through this intervention, we partnered […]
The Union of the Comoros, an archipelago off the southeastern coast of Africa, has enormous potential to develop its economy. It is the world’s number one producer of ylang ylang essential oil, it harvests spices, vanilla and cloves. Furthermore, the beautiful island has incredible potential to further develop its tourism industry.   In February 2023, […]
Meet Mariama, a highly qualified young professional, who has decided to work in the UK, instead of Ghana, the country where she was trained. Her diverse professional and voluntary journey has enabled her to hone her skills in customer service, business administration and community outreach. Despite her skills and experience, Mariama struggled to find employment […]
Botswana is looking to reshape its future. The longest uninterrupted democracy in Africa, the middle-income country has set out a transformational agenda that it hopes will see it achieve prosperity for all. Vision 2036 has an aim to turn Botswana into a high-income country by building an inclusive and thriving private sector, with a particular […]

Society’s hidden power: the care economy

ICR Story
Business Regulation and Policy
Register for our upcoming event here Adeline, a young woman from Burkina Faso, wanted to get a job, but she faced the challenge of organising caring for her youngest children. Lots of other women from her area had taken up roles in a government-backed roadbuilding and construction programme and many of them, with no alternative, […]
In this transformative era of evolving policies and regulations that are part of the business environment, it is crucial to actively involve all segments of the population and especially young minds since the policies of today will impact how tomorrow looks. Quite often the reforms of policies and regulation are taken top-down excluding from the […]
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