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Women's Economic Empowerment

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Online Training for Development Finance Institutions: How to Develop a Gender Approach

In these self-paced training modules representatives from development finance institutions (DFIs), public and private stakeholders and experts from African, Caribbean, and Pacific (ACP) countries will learn how to develop a gender finance approach in the institutional environment, such as the DFI. The course offers an interactive journey with videos, texts, interactive exercises and quizzes to learn more about institutional gender mainstreaming, actions and measures to be taken in the organization to ensure gender inclusion. It also refers to additional sources so that participants can explore specific topics in more depth if they wish so.

The course is organised into 9 modules. Each module takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete, and the whole course takes around 2 hours.

At the end of the course, participants will take a final test to assess their knowledge and receive a certificate of completion.

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Early 2023


More Information regarding this event - including the final date - will follow soon!

The course develops awareness and provides tools to advance Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) through Business Environment Reform (BER) in African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries. Participants learn to apply a gender-sensitive and gender-transformative lens when they work on their own reforms, taking into account gender differenc­es and promoting reforms that tackle barriers women face in the business environment.

Module 1: Understanding WEE, gender equality, and the need for BER to help promote them in ACP countries

Module 2: BER to support women-owned businesses in ACP countries

Module 3: BER to promote quality and more inclusive jobs for women in ACP countries

Module 4: Gender Lens Investing – Improving the investment climate for women in ACP countries

Module 5: Promoting WEE through public-private dialogue (PPD) in ACP countries


Download the summary of our resources on WEE


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