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WEBINAR: Business Environment Reforms for Youth Employment in the ACP Region

WEBINAR: Business Environment Reforms for Youth Employment in the ACP Region

Across the African, Caribbean, and Pacific (ACP) regions, the growing youth population presents a valuable asset that policymakers and governments have yet to fully utilise. Countries that act swiftly to capitalise on this demographic transition have a significant opportunity for economic transformation.

To unlock this potential, we must move beyond traditional approaches to addressing youth unemployment. The focus should be on comprehensive reforms that improve the functionality of local business environments, along with targeted measures to meet the unique needs of young women and men.

This webinar organised by the ICR Facility will share insights on opportunities and good practices for Business Environment Reforms to promote youth employment. We aim to support policymakers and stakeholders to explore solutions that can promote youth employment by creating a more favourable business environment for inclusive growth in the ACP regions. Participants will have a chance to discover findings from the ICR Facility’s latest report and hear from expert speakers sharing best practices and experiences across ACP countries. 


Download the webinar presentation HERE

Read our report on youth employment HERE

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By supporting business climate and investment environment reforms, the ICR Facility aims to help generate more decent jobs and contribute to improving livelihoods in African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries.

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