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Assessment of the landscape of agribusiness financing to women and youth

The ICR Facility seeks to provide technical assistance to the Tanzania Agriculture Development Bank (TADB) in response to a proposal submitted by the bank for support in increasing its outreach to women and youth. TADB is a state-owned development finance institution (DFI) which was launched in 2015. The bank aims to catalyse access to finance to smallholder farmers and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the agriculture sector and plays a leading role in agriculture transformation through value chain financing, financing for infrastructure development and by enhancing financial inclusion to subsistence and smallholder farmers. It also aims to develop specific financial and non-financial interventions that are needed to increase access to finance among women and youth in agribusiness, with a reference to global best practices. To achieve these objectives, the bank has requested support from the ICR Facility to increase its support to women and youth in the agricultural sector of Tanzania. The outcome of the requested support will be the development of one or more new loan product(s) focused on women and youth, with a corresponding approach by the bank for securing the financial resources needed to target these client groups effectively. Additional work will then be conducted to assess the background and skills of the bank to target women and youth, followed by field work to verify the financial needs of these groups and then to conduct a validation session in the format of a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) that will identify potential partners and stakeholders for the launch and implementation of the scheme. It is expected that a gender scheme will be developed where potential borrowers will receive financial and non-financial support, either in form of technical assistance (TA), small grants, or other, depending on the plans and capabilities of the bank. During the PPP workshop, the cooperation potential with actors to provide these services is to be determined.