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Beluluane Industrial Park Mozambique: Transformation into an Eco-Industrial Park

Name of the intervention: Beluluane Industrial Park Mozambique: Transformation into an Eco-Industrial Park
Location: Mozambique
Partner: Beluluane Industrial Park
Year: 2021

Output Area 1


The ICR Facility supported the Beluluane Industrial Park (BIP) SARL, a public-private partnership by the Mozambican Government Agency for Investment & Export (APIEX) and private investors, to improve the park’s environmental sustainability.​


Using the “International Framework for Eco-Industrial Parks” as a best practice guide, the ICR Facility undertook a baseline assessment of the BIP, and subsequently identified specific opportunities to enhance the park´s economic, environmental and social sustainability. An operational action plan was developed to implement prioritized opportunities and this plan is now being pursued by BIP management and relevant stakeholders. Further, the project provided customised trainings to BIP management on addressing specific opportunities and challenges (e.g. air emissions, renewable energy, waste recycling, transportation, government incentives, and financing). Sustainable Industrial Areas or Eco-Industrial Parks are more resource-efficient and cost-effective industrial agglomerations with increased competitiveness and risk resilience. ​


Workshops with business associations as well as government officials have taken place to create awareness and foster discussions between the public and private sector on how to enhance a sustainable business environment for the development of sustainable industries and industrial parks in Mozambique at a national level. 

Further Information

Beluluane Industrial Park (PIB) SARL

Sustainable Industrial Areas – SIA Toolbox by GIZ

International Framework for Eco-Industrial Parks (UNIDO, WBG, GIZ)

Project deliverables:

Technical Assistance Factsheet