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Supporting CROSQ on quality management system and business continuity standards

Name of the intervention: Supporting CROSQ on quality management system and business continuity standards
Location: Caribbean
Partner: The Caribbean Community and Common Market
Year: 2021

Output Area 1


The intervention aims is to provide CARICOM National Standards Bodies (NSB) with the knowledge and tools to support MSMEs in the region with the use of Quality Management System standards as well as standards for Business Continuity Management. NSBs are strengthened in their ability to train MSMEs on these standards, crucial for enhancing the economic resilience to external shocks like a pandemic and increased exports.


Based on its mandate, the ICR Facility is providing technical assistance to CARICOM member states in response to a proposal submitted by the CARICOM Regional Organization for Standards and Quality Secretariat (CROSQ). The proposal requires the strengthening of the capacity of both the public and private sector in understanding the relevant international standards developed by the International Standards Organization (ISO). The audience consisted of NSBs in the CARICOM region, who in turn will train MSME in the region. The project was executed as a train-the-trainers workshop.


In general, participants expressed a high degree of satisfaction with the provided training, the content, methodology and with the level of knowledge and explanations provided by the trainers. Most of them were in favor of repeating such kind of trainings in the future. They confirmed that their capacity in quality management systems for business continuity increased.

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Technical Assistance Factsheet