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Connect with peers

The DFI Exchange Group is a space for DFI-related knowledge sharing and group activities of the ICR Facility, and will also provide the opportunity for DFIs to share and showcase their best practices and experiences with their peers.

DFI Exchange Group

The ICR Facility has taken note of the strong demande for different DFIs to connect with each other and exchange with peers. This page serves to provide members of the DFI Exchange Group with an overview of DFIs, on which topics they are comfortable sharing their expertise, and on which topics they would like to learn more about.

Events that will be organised by the ICR Facility with the DFI Exchange Group include:

Why should you join the DFI Exchange Group?

  • Ability to host a peer session tailored to your interest, curiosity and need, by proposing a topic of your choosing to discuss with your peers
  • First to be informed about closed-door events such as peer-to-peer exchanges and group trainings
  • Access to a wide range of restricted training materials and knowledge products designed specifically for DFIs
  • Possibility for a selected number of active DFIs to be invited to the ICR Facility’s Women Economic Empowerment Conference in Kigali, Rwanda, in June 2024
  • Connection with a network of peers!

The Investment Climate Reform (ICR) Facility is excited to announce an Exchange Group for Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) located in African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP)  states. The Exchange Group is a platform for all DFI-related knowledge sharing and group activities of the ICR Facility and strives to provide DFIs with the opportunity to share and showcase their best practices and experiences with peers in three main ways. 

1. Peer sessions

We facilitate peer sessions once per quarter where DFIs can come together to meet for one hour on a specific topic. DFIs jointly with the ICR Facility can organise and host a meeting on a topic of your choice. DFIs can propose a topic, tool or issue to interactively exchange on with peers, and the ICR Facility will support you with planning the content of the session, as well as logistical, communication and moderation assistance.   


For events organised by the Exchange Group and with the support of a facilitator, we look at thematic events that can include:

  • Discussion on topics of common interest, i.e. how to use a certain tool or how to revise a strategy to address a certain challenge
  • Region-specific discussions where topics according to geography may be relevant, i.e. meetings for DFIs in small-island nation in either the Caribben or the Pacific, or jointly
  • Disseminating lessons learned, i.e. sharing lessons learned from a gender gap assessment of the refinement of a financial product. 
  • Frequency of peer sessions: Once per quarter.
  • Duration: Sixty (60) minutes.
  • Timing: Timing of the sessions will be amended to  accommodate for inputs from various regions. 
  • Language: Most sessions will take place in English. We can also host French-only sessions in case of interest. 
  • Format: Online, MS Teams or Zoom accounts of the ICR Facility.  
  • Recordings: Sessions wil not be recorded.  
  • Support: The ICR Facility will be facilitating and organising the session in collaboration with the hosting DFI.  

Hosting a peer session

If you are interested in hosting a peer session, the first step is to contact the ICR Facility team. Together, we can discuss your topic of interest, how to structure and moderate the session to maximise your session and what to prepare.  


Why should you host a peer session?

  • Opportunity to highlight your work and experiences in front of other DFIs
  • Gain feedback from your peers on your (innovative) approaches and ideas
  • Possibility to co-host a session with a peer!

What do we expect from DFIs? In preparation of hosting a peer sssions, DFIs should:  

  • Select a topic, identify people within their organization who would be interested to present, engage with other DFIs on their radar who have experience in the selected topic to participate or possibly co-host.
  • Expect support from the ICR Facility to take the sessions host(s) through the steps of organizing the session and on logistical aspects such as setting up the virtual room, identifying and inviting participants, as well as moderating if requested.  

The structure of the sessions is flexible and dependent on your topic. For example, if you would like to present a best practice, how to’s or lessons learned, the session may start with an input from you followed by a Q&A session with peers. It can alternatively take the form of a discussion or a roundtable if a topic is rather exploratory, where a moderator would ask participating DFIs to share their experiences or views on certain themes or developments.  


In case of interest to connect with peers, do reach out to the ICR Facility team ( and we would be happy to share the contact details with you and/or arrange a meeting.

2. Group activities from the ICR Facility

Group activities, such as structured peer-to-peer events, networking sessions and group trainings, are regularly organised by the ICR Facility. By joining the Exchange Group, you will be the first to be informed and invited to these activities. Active members of the Exchange Group will also have the opportunity to be invited to the ICR Facility’s Women’s Economic Empowerment conference in Kigali, Rwanda taking place in summer 2024.  

3. Sharing knowledge material

Through the DFI Exchange Group, the ICR Facility shares restricted knowledge products, training materials and community session presentations with members. In case there are knowledge products or events developed by your DFI that you would like to share with peers, we would be happy to facilitate this through the network. 

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