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Co-funded by the European Union

Strenghtening the National Enterprise Strategy of Ethiopia




Business Regulation and Policy, Small and Medium Enterprises and Start-Ups, Social Economy






In order to support social businesses in Ethiopia, Social Enterprise Ethiopia aims to enhance the National Enterprise Strategy of Ethiopia and its associated Plan of Action as well as its own capacity to pursue the mainstreaming of social enterprises into the National Enterprise Strategy.


The ICR Facility supported Social Enterprise Ethiopia in the development of a set of criteria that further defines the nature of a social enterprise and in mainstreaming and incorporating a detailed cross-cutting component focused on social entrepreneurship and enterprises into the Action Plan for the National Enterprise Strategy.


The support also included the development of a framework for stakeholders to monitor and assess the policy documents and initiatives to ensure they are developed, endorsed, enacted, and implemented as intended, as well as trainings and support to Social Enterprise Ethiopia stakeholders and constituents on policy and public engagement targeted towards an improved National Enterprise Strategy.


Social Enterprise Ethiopia and their stakeholders have the necessary documents and plans that can be used to create a more inclusive and sustainable business environment. Furthermore, Social Enterprise Ethiopia and their stakeholders have strengthened their capacities to participate in policy development and advocacy and supporting social enterprises in Ethiopia. All these aspects have led to an improved business environment for social enterprises in Ethiopia and contribute to creating more decent jobs for women, young people and vulnerable groups.

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