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Co-funded by the European Union

Facilitating Public Private Dialogue for Private Sector Recovery in Botswana




Public Private Dialogue, Resilience and Recovery


Business Botswana






Business Botswana is known as a champion of pioneering private sector programs and initiatives, amongst other being the Private Sector Development Strategy and recently BB through the aid of development partner UNDP they developed a recovery plan post Covid-19 in responding to the national lock down effects which brought economy to a standstill. The recovery plan highlight recommendations that resuscitate economic activities, in light of the above BB emphasis is on private sector taking the lead in economic recovery post-Covid-19. 


The private sector recovery plan address some of the Private Sector Development Strategy aspirations such as strengthening the capacity and competitiveness of SMMEs and Community Based Organizations, four key priority areas were identified to be the back bone of the Private Sector Development Strategy which are; Trade expansion, Improving labor productivity, Support to trade institutions and improving the business climate. The stakeholders identified above are very key in ensuring private sector development at community and local level. 


The technical assistance aimed at facilitating Public Private Dialogues with business councils, local authorities and other public and private stakeholders to further develop the private sector recovery plan for Botswana.


The Public Private Dialogues was facilitated to:

  • Comprehensively assess and translate the private sector recovery plan and related documents to actionable items that are attributable to the inclusion of business councils.
  • Identify the immediate economic activities that are implementable for the benefit of the business council constituents and their business survivals.
  • Local economic development strategy alignment to ensure private sector participation.
  • Strengthen engagement between local authorities and businesses.
  • Develop an agenda for engagement going forward.


The support has improved the business environment and the investment climate for businesses including SMEs in Botswana. This helped them to recover from Covid-19 impacts quicker, so inclusive and sustained economic growth and decent jobs are promoted.

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