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Co-funded by the European Union

Enhancing evidence-based advocacy to reduce trade barriers in East Africa


Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda


Public Private Dialogue






The East African Business Council (EABC) is the regional apex body of Private Sector associations and corporates in East Africa with a single purpose of driving the East African Community integration process through trade and investment. The EABC is concerned that intra-regional trade barriers inhibit private sector trade within the region. This is in part by importing countries doubting that Rules of Origin regulations and other requirements have been adhered to by the exporting country. This in turn is based on a perception that the exporting country cannot have sufficient production capacity for a certain product as to fulfil those requirements.


EABC sought to ascertain objective production capacity data for sectors where questions around origins of imports have been raised in the past to address this concern. Following an initial assessment, the sugar sector was chosen as a pilot for the purposes of ICR support, in part because of the impact on women in the value chain.


The ICR Facility has provided EABC with the knowledge to collect capacity data for Public Private Dialogue purposes through trainings and the development of tools (e.g. questionnaires). EABC staff and other business associations in the region were also trained in enhancing Women`s Economic Empowerment through Public Private Dialogue processes.

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