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Co-funded by the European Union

Conducting a Diagnostic Sector Study on Bioenergy in Zambia




Green Economy, Public Private Dialogue


Ministry of Energy






The Ministry of Energy of Zambia (MOE), and specifically the Offgrid Taskforce (OGTF) within the Department of Energy, asked for support to the ICR Facility. The OGTF organises, among others, a bioenergy sub-committee which functions as a public-private dialogue forum for the Zambian bioenergy space. In order to focus its policy and regulatory activities, the MOE (and with that bioenergy sub-committee) requires an assessment of the Zambian bioenergy market. This includes an analysis of the market opportunities and potential for market expansion; market access and regulatory barriers for the private sector, and recommendations on overcoming them.  


The ICR Facility supports the Ministry of Energy and the OffGrid Task Force in completing a diagnostics study of the bioenergy sector in the context of public-private dialogue. The study will include policy an analysis of the investment barriers currently holding back the bioenergy sector (biomass) for cooking and industrial use in Zambia and how to remedy them. The study informed the public-private dialogue in the bioenergy sector in Zambia, providing a clear analysis of the investment barriers currently holding back the sector and how to remedy them.


Analysis and recommendations were validated by a Task Force composed of representatives of the public and private sectors. Recommendations are being considered for implementation by the Ministry of Energy.

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