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Tackling gender equality issues at the workplace in Malawi

Name of the intervention: Tackling gender equality issues at the workplace in Malawi
Location: Malawi
Partner: Employers' Consultative Association of Malawi (ECAM)
Year: 2023

Output Area 1


The objective of the intervention is to provide evidence and support to ECAM in working with its members, partners, and policymakers to tackle gender equality issues at the workplace in Malawi.​


The technical assistance being provided include​

  1. A gender audit (using both primary and secondary research) to assess: the prevalence and nature of gender related issues at the workplace  in Malawi; the existence and suitability of workplace measures to minimise and appropriately manage incidents of gender related issues; the degree to which existing legislation is properly enforced in Malawi.​

  2. A public private dialogue on the gender audit report to secure engagement and commitment to act.​

  3. Delivery of a manual and training for ECAM staff to be better able to support ECAM members to tackle gender equality issues at their workplaces and to work with the tripartite committee to ratify and implement gender related policies and international conventions.

Further Information and Links:

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