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Social Enterprise Ghana: Business Environment Reform for Social Enterprises

Name of the intervention: Social Enterprise Ghana: Business Environment Reform for Social Enterprises
Location: Ghana
Partner: Social Enterprise Ghana
Year: 2021

Output Area 1


In order to support the social enterprise sector in Ghana, Social Enterprise Ghana (SE Ghana) aims to create a Social Enterprise Policy. To ensure relevance and ownership, a Public-Private Dialogue process should be part of the policy-making. Additionally, the capacities of the organization to pursue the adoption and mainstreaming of the Social Enterprise Policy should be strengthened.


The ICR Facility supports SE Ghana in taking the draft of the Social Enterprise Policy for Ghana through a Public-Private Dialogue process, update the draft and develop an action plan to be used for the adoption/mainstreaming of the updated Social Enterprise Policy. The support also includes the development of  tools and frameworks, a series of  trainings on the concept of social enterprises and social financing/impact investing for public and private stakeholders as well as trainings on policy development and advocacy. Lastly, training on how to build a sustainable Business Member Organisation is also part of the support.


The Social Enterprise Ghana and the Ministry of Trade and Industry will have a finalised Social Enterprise Policy which they can use to create a more inclusive and sustainable business environment. SE Ghana will be equipped to participate in policy development and advocacy and support its members. Relevant stakeholders will have gained increased capacity on the concept of social enterprises to contribute to the design, implementation and evaluation of reforms for social enterprises in Ghana. All these aspects will lead to an improved business environment for social enterprises in Ghana and contribute to the creation of more decent jobs for women, young people and vulnerable groups.

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