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Social Economy

The Investment Climate Reform (ICR) Facility supports the development of the social economy across African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries, in line with the EU Social Action Plan. We developed a series of resources, which shares experience in developing policies, financial regulations, and innovative funding mechanisms to support the development of a social economy. It is designed to inform and support reforms that foster the growth of the social economy ecosystem, in all its diversity, and contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable business environment and investment climate.

Download the summary of our Social Economy Resources


Social Enterprise and Inclusive Business in ACP Countries: variety and access to finance

Supporting investment in inclusive business and social enterprises

Webinar Recordings

Not One Size Fits All: The Varying Needs of Social Enterprises and Inclusive Businesses

Democratising access to social finance

Democratising access to social finance: Green and Social Enterprises in the Pacific and the Caribbean

Responses to the COVID-19 crisis: government policy, impact businesses and the social economy

Inclusive impact investing and social finance during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond: lessons and experiences from African, Caribbean and Pacific countries