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Supporting women in agriculture in Senegal

Name of the intervention: Supporting women in agriculture in Senegal
Location: Senegal
Partner: Union Nationale des Commerçants et Industriels du Sénégal (UNACOIS)
Year: 2022

Output Area 1


Women contribute to 80% of the agriculture production workforce in Senegal. Yet, they still face many more challenges compared to men, including low access to credit, access to land, financial literacy, low associativeness. 

The ICR Facility supports UNACOIS JAPPO in assessing the current status for women in the agricultural sector in Senegal, across main themes: legal and governance, management and training, production, transformation and commercialization, access to finance and technology. A proposal for an organizational model as well as an implementation action plan (potentially with a first pilot experience with a cooperative of around 500 women entrepreneurs) will be developed. 


The Technical assistance aimed at supporting the creation of cooperatives in the retail sector, especially for women, in the agricultural value chain. The technical assistance focused on women's cooperatives in the horticulture. It aimed at identifying constrains and solutions to empowering women activities in agricultural value chains in Senegal.


The intervention allowed local institutions to better understand the constrains of women in the value chain as well as better target the solutions to be proposed and implemented to foster their activities. For example, the intervention contributed to enhance credit access for women by engaging a local bank which now has better targeted financial products to offer to women in the value chain.

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