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Public Private Dialogue for Private Sector Recovery in Botswana

Name of the intervention: Public Private Dialogue for Private Sector Recovery in Botswana
Location: Botswana
Partner: Business Botswana
Year: 2021

Output Area 1


The technical assistance aims at facilitating Public Private Dialogues with business councils, local authorities and other public and private stakeholders to develop the private sector recovery plan for Botswana.


Public Private Dialogues will be facilitated to

  • Comprehensively assess and translate the private sector recovery plan and related documents to actionable items that are attributable to the inclusion of business councils.
  • Identify the immediate economic activities that are implementable for the benefit of the business council constituents and their business survivals.
  • Local economic development strategy alignment to ensure private sector participation.
  • Strengthen engagement between local authorities and businesses.
  • Develop an agenda for engagement going forward.


The support will improve the business environment and the investment climate for businesses including SMEs in Botswana. This will help them to recover from Covid-19 impacts quicker, so inclusive and sustained economic growth and decent jobs are promoted.

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