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Webinar Recording:
Promoting Equal Opportunities for Women in the Labour Market through Business Environment Reforms

Date: 30.09.2021

Women are more likely to be unemployed, be economically inactive, work in the informal sector, and to have temporary or more precarious employment than men. A mix of social norms, time scarcity - in particular due to unpaid care activities - or the lack of quality and affordable care, discrimination, lack of mobility, and low levels of human capital accumulation, affect women's likelihood of getting a high-quality paid job. COVID-19 has widened the historical inequalities present in the labour market. African, Caribbean, and Pacific (ACP) countries need to continue and even strengthen policy and regulatory reforms that encourage greater gender equality in the jobs market, higher earnings for women, and women’s labour force participation in traditionally male-dominated sectors. While Business Environment Reforms alone are not enough, they have the potential of creating an enabling environment to promote women's economic empowerment through more and better-quality jobs for women.This online event will focus on the legal, administrative, and policy and tax incentives and reforms necessary to promote a more inclusive labour market for women to have better quality jobs.

Business Environment Reforms for Women’s Economic Empowerment series