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Organisational Reform of the Chamber of Commerce of Chad (CCIAMA)

Name of the intervention: Organisational Reform of the Chamber of Commerce of Chad (CCIAMA)
Location: Chad
Partner: Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture, Mines and Handicrafts
Year: 2022

Output Area 1


The objective of this intervention is to strengthen CCIAMA as a representative organisation of the private sector in order to strengthen its participation in public-private dialogue.


CCIAMA's objective is to serve as an interface between companies and the government of Chad, and to take into account the interests of the private sector in the development of public policies. A restructured CCIAMA with a more representative mandate and a more effective platform for dialogue is expected to have a positive influence on the business climate, and attract investment to Chad. This restructuring involves :

-A diagnostic study leading to a proposition for a new structural organisation of the Chamber

-The development of the legal status of the Chamber (Law and decree)

-The development of a procedures manual;

The development of a code of ethics and deontology for the staff.


A new structure was proposed for the Chamber, and legal texts to reform the chamber were drafted

The chamber now has a procedures manual and a code of ethics.

Project Deliverables

Diagnostic study of CCIAMA

New organisational chart of CCIAMA

Proposition of legal texts for a revised Chamber of Commerce

Process manual for 3 key processes of the Chamber

Ethics and deontological code for the Chamber

Further Information