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Public-Private Dialogue for Results Toolkit

Public-Private Dialogue for Results Toolkit

Successful public-private dialogue depends on the strength of the infrastructure in the public and private sectors and the capacity of these bodies to interact with each other in often complex and dynamic ways, which
are constantly evolving. This toolkit is an introduction to a more holistic approach to public-private dialogue referred to as public-private dialogue for results (PPDR). The focus of a PPDR approach is not only on the outcomes achieved from the dialogue, but also the system that enable the dialogue to take place. 


A PPDR approach enables public and private sector stakeholders to make use of dialogue to promote national regional and/or local economic development. Carried out effectively, it can achieve specific outcomes, but it is also critical for good governance, the involvement of a wide range of constituents in the formation of public policy, and the sustainable development of economies.


Furthermore, PPDR recognises the importance of involving a wide range of constituents in the formation of
public policy. By promoting inclusive dialogue, it ensures that diverse perspectives and voices are taken into account, leading to more informed and comprehensive decision-making processes. This inclusivity contributes to better governance practices and helps build trust between different stakeholders.

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