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Training guide gender auditing – Malawi

Training guide gender auditing – Malawi

Accompanying the ICReport Learnings from the gender audit – Malawi is our training guide for facilitators planning to deliver training for businesses, HR professionals and individuals interested in developing gender-sensitive workplaces.

Gender inequality has a negative economic impact on workplaces. It can lead to high levels of staff turnover, absenteeism and it can affect profits. It also has a negative psychological impact on those who both experience and witness it.  The aim of this training is to give participants a good grounding in the concepts of gender equality, the rationale for eliminating gender discrimination, sexual harassment and abuse in the workplace, as well as a practical overview of what a gender audit is and how to implement such an audit within a workplace.


This guide outlines eight training sessions plus a closing session, providing instructions
for suggested exercises and background information. There are also supporting slides available to download.
The total contact time is around 12 hours, which can be delivered over a two-day

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