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Webinar Recording:
Improving the investment climate through gender sensitive reforms in times of COVID 19

Date: 17.09.2020

The COVID​-19 crisis has taken a greater toll on women​ in the productive and labour force. Industries with strong women participation have been impacted more than others, creating significant disruptions, and loss of income and jobs. In other cases, when women are able to work remotely, their productivity is negatively affected and domestic violence is on the rise. Gender​-sensitive reforms are key for ACP​ states’ economic recovery. This online event will tackle key questions to build back better such as:

– How ACP governments can tackle gender sensitive business environment reforms for a sustainable recovery​?

– What is the role of private sector to stop and reverse the widening gender gaps due to the Corona​ Crisis​?

– How the current crisis can be an opportunity to carry out long due BusinessEnvironmentReforms​ to close gender gaps.

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