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Simultaneous interpretation of the main one in French. Trouvez l'événement français ici.

In ACP countries, a large number of companies and especially the smallest and the youngest, are struggling to find the financing they need to grow, despite a general awareness of their crucial role in job creation and economic development. In recent years, solutions have emerged by combining both support and financing. The Prêts d’honneurs/ Loan on Honor mechanism is one of these solutions that has gradually developed in Africa, in particular through decentralized cooperation projects.

This webinar will propose to discuss the potential of the Loan on Honor mechanism in the economic development of emerging territories thanks to its financing instrument as well as its support levers for entrepreneurs and territorial animation. We will also discuss the conditions for the development of Prêts d’honneurs in ACP countries and the role of public authorities in integrating this device into their policies for promoting entrepreneurship and supporting business creation.