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European Union Business Forum in Ethiopia (EUBFE): Business Climate survey for PPD

Name of the intervention: European Union Business Forum in Ethiopia (EUBFE): Business Climate survey for PPD
Location: Ethiopia
Partner: European Union Business Forum in Ethiopia (EUBFE)
Year: 2021

Output Area 1


The ICR Facility supports the EUBFE in its ability to conduct public-private dialogues (PPD) based on validated information and evidence, and to attract new members.


EUBFE will develop a prototype empirical report on the Ethiopian business climate. The report will give a snapshot view of the status quo and highlight current dynamics and challenges for investors. The activity includes the following steps:

  • Online survey among EUBFE members and other European companies in Ethiopia
  • In-depth interviews with selected companies and with selected government officials
  • Publication of the report and conducting stakeholder engagement workshops to present and discuss key findings
  • Designing a methodological manual on how to develop the report to enable EUBFE to conduct future editions in the coming years


The report will highlight the strengths and the areas of improvement in the Ethiopian business and investment climate. This will enable EUBFE to better engage in PPD with the government and to lobby for reforms that can stimulate more investments by European companies in Ethiopia. Moreover, the report will offer valuable information to companies interested in Ethiopia as an investment destination and improve EUBFE’s ability to attract new members.

Further Information and Links:

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Project deliverables:

Technical Assistance Factsheet

EUBFE Business Climate Report 2021