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Webinar Recording:
Empowering women in ACP countries through Business Environment Reform

Gender-sensitive reform of the complex policy, legal, institutional, and regulatory conditions that govern business activities has the potential to empower women, support the fight against poverty and contribute to business and macro-economic performance. It is therefore not only a moral imperative but makes good business sense.

The ICR Facility provides fully funded, tailor made technical expertise to public and private organisations in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries to create a more conducive, sustainable and inclusive business environment and investment climate. This session will present the ICR Facility's reports on Business Environment Reform (BER) for Women's Economic Empowerment, unpacking how reforming the Business Environment can support women owned businesses and promote equal opportunities for women in the labour market. It also highlights how women’s organisations' participation in Public Private Dialogues is a game changer for inclusive economies. Insights from a survey carried out by the ICR Facility on trends in gender finance in ACP Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) will be shared as well. Then we will pass the floor to George Khaki, Executive Director of the Employers Consultative Association of Malawi (ECAM). He will speak about their ambition to put in place national strategy that will facilitate gender equality in the workplace. The ICR Facility is supporting this goal by conducting a GenderAudit to enable evidence-based decision-making.