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Caribbean Export Development Agency (CEDA): Credit reporting improvement

Name of the intervention: Caribbean Export Development Agency (CEDA): Credit reporting improvement
Location: Caribbean
Partner: Caribbean Export Development Agency (CEDA)
Year: 2020

Output Area 1


The ICR Facility supports Caribbean Export Development Agency (CEDA) with technical assistance to improve the credit reporting in 15 CARIFORUM countries through a systems assessment and a public-private consultation session. The systems assessment aims at informing policy-making and proposing national and regional recommendations for business environment reform. ​


The technical assistance supports  the assessment and provision of recommendations on credit bureaus and collateral registries in the region. Within this framework, an in-depth review of the state of play of credit bureaus and collateral registries in the 15 CARIFORUM countries is foreseen. The findings of the assessment will be discussed in a regional online consultation to obtain additional input from the relevant stakeholders for a final comprehensive report. The recommendations and action plan will take into consideration the different contexts of each of these countries, but also show how these can be harmonized and consolidated at a regional level, thereby creating future opportunities for joint-actions or regional initiatives.


Technical analysis validated by representatives of 15 Caricom countries. A number of countries have used the report to define their credit infrastructure reform agendas.

Further Information and Links:

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Project deliverables:

Assessment of the Credit Reporting and Secured Transaction Systen un 15 CARIFORUM Countries