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Webinar Recording:
Commercial dispute resolution through Arbitration

Date: 14.10.2021

Investments in African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries have grown at a steady pace over several years, some of which have triggered disputes that require inclusive and effective resolution services in an increasingly challenging business environment. Arbitrage is one such a commercial dispute resolution method. Features like lower costs, quicker process times, and less formal structures make arbitration an attractive alternative to traditional judicial systems and thus, arbitration services contribute to an enhanced, more inclusive business environment and investment climate for the private sector.
This online event focuses on the role of Arbitration Services for the Business and Investment Climate of a country. While there is a number of organisations that facilitate arbitration services, so called Arbitration Centres, established in many ACP countries, they are not always well known by the private sector. On the way forward, some challenges have to be overcome jointly by providers of Arbitration Services and the Public and Private Sector.

The role of Arbitration Services for the Business Environment, how to ensure functionality and efficiency?