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Developing a catalogue of women's economic groups in Togo

Name of the intervention: Developing a catalogue of women's economic groups in Togo
Location: Togo
Partner: Fédération des Entrepreneurs et Femmes d'Affaires du Togo (FEFA)
Year: 2022

Output Area 1


The objective of this request is to create a catalogue of women's economic groups in Togo. This sector agnostic mapping will serve as the basis for the development of further support programs, as it also analyses the needs and challenges of the economic groups. FEFA's mission is to promote an emerging and competitive female entrepreneurship; strengthen their entrepreneurial skills; offer strategic and technical support to women in the consolidation and development of their businesses; facilitate the transition of businesses from the informal to the formal sector; mobilise actors for the promotion and financing of entrepreneurship; the promotion of a business environment conducive to women and youth.


The intervention will be divided in three stages:

  1. Preparation: Clarification of the mission and proposal of an implementation plan

  2. Analysis: Mapping of women's economic groups

  3. Communication and Validation: Presentation of the results in a validation workshop with FEFA and public and private partners

For all steps, the consultants will work closely with FEFA Togo and the partners.

Further Information and Links:

Fédération des Entrepreneures et Femmes d’Affaires du Togo (F.E.F.A Togo)

Project deliverables:

Technical Assistance Factsheet