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Boosting renewable energy through public-private dialogue

Name of the intervention: Boosting renewable energy through public-private dialogue
Location: Tanzania
Partner: Tanzania Renewable Energy Association (TAREA)
Year: 2021-2022

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The Tanzania Renewable Energy Association (TAREA) is an umbrella organisation representing renewable energy stakeholders in Tanzania mainland. It requested technical assistance to promote the use of grid-connected solar photovoltaic installations through the application of the country’s Net- Metering regulation.


The Government of Tanzania enacted the Electricity (net metering) Rules in 2018 to support gridconnected solar photovoltaic systems. However, it has not been used yet. To understand and potentially address any challenges around the application of the regulation, TAREA received training in the area of public-private dialogue (PPD) as well as expert advice on Net Metering.


• Several PPD rounds were held as part of the project. Both – the public and private sector – sides eventually agreed on a range of measure with the aim of implementing net metering. This includes working on a specific adjustment to net metering rules, organising a pilot project to test the rules, and implementing training measures on the rules. The implementation is work in progress.
• A group of PPD Champions amongst TAREA members was formed during the intervention. Whilst this was only intended for net metering, TAREA has since the end of the intervention used the same group for other processes (e.g. around clean cooking) given they are now trained in PPD.

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